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Newsletters for Members - Rimstone Co-op publishes occasional newsletters from time to time to keep the members informed about relevant and topical news, and coming events. They are distributed by email.

Newsletters for non-Members - Rimstone Co-op is happy to distribute the occasional newsletter to non-members by email.

What is your email address? - To confirm or update your email address, or for non-members to be included, please contact the directors and ask to be added to the list.

The newsletters -
  • #25 - August 2017
    NEWS: M-3 Shades of Death property update.
    30 Sept - 1 October - Homeleigh Working Bee
    Friday 15 September
    : AGM
    See the Newsletter for all the details.
  • #24 - April 2017
    NEWS: Purchasing M-3 Shades of Death property, and seeking funds to assist the purchase.
    Also: Scrubby Creek Cave and property news and the tufa terraces. Lounge Room project update (and photo).
    New director - Welcome Mark T.
    May 19-20 (2017) - Homeleigh Working Bee
    Events coming up
    : AGM (TBA - October).
    Also:- Homeleigh accommodation bookings via the dedicated and shared email address: accomm @rimstone.org.au.
    See the Newsletter for all the details.
  • #23 - June 2016
    Events coming up include: Homeleigh Lounge Room Painting working bee (July), General Working Bee (September). AGM (7th October).
    Also:- update from new committee chairman Darryl Pierce, and small increases toHomeleigh accommodation rates.
    Homeleigh accommodation bookings via the dedicated and shared email address: accomm @rimstone.org.au.
    See the Newsletter for all the details.
  • #22 - August 2015
    Rimstone AGM - Friday 2 October (agenda, venue, supper, etc. details are in the newsletter). June working bee wrap up, Lounge Room update, and Scrubby Creek latest (including a Tufa Terrace Project 21-22 November).
    Annual Rimstone fees now due.
    Homeleigh accommodation bookings via the dedicated and shared email address: accomm @rimstone.org.au.
    See the Newsletter for all the details.
  • #21 - June 2015
    Another Huge Homeleigh Working Bee - for a whole week. Saturday 27th June to Sunday 5th July. Come for the whole time, or just a small part - all helpers welcome. See the list of maintenance activities in the newsletter.
    Reminder about making Homeleigh accommodation bookings via the dedicated and shared email address: accomm @rimstone.org.au.
  • #20 - August 2014
    NOTICE of 2014 AGM - Friday September 12.
    Rimstone Cooperative 40th Birthday Party celebrations
    25-26 October at Homeleigh.
    Giant Working Bee Sept 20 to 28 in bedrooms 5-8.
    June 2014 working bee - full report with photos.
  • #19 - June 2014
    Working bee June 28-29. See the newsletter for the list of things to do.
    September 12 - AGM - details TBA.
    Spring 2014 - Scrubby Creek Weeding/Tufa Bank Project.
    November weekend - Rimstone Coop 40th Birthday Party at Homeleigh. Details TBA.
    November 29-30 - Working Bee and fire season preparations.
  • #18 - November 2013
    Reminder for the working bee 30 Nov-1st December, including a detailed description of the planned maintenance activities.
    Special Scrubby Creek Cave Property update.
    Homeleigh is NOT a dumping ground for pre-loved items.
    Special communications books at Homeleigh reception desk.
    Annual fees are now over-due.
  • #17 - September 2013
    Reminder notice for AGM 2013 - Friday 13 September, 2013.
    Scrubby Creek Cave Property news latest, and cave trip 10 Nov.
    Next working bee 30 Nov-1st December.
    Annual fees now due.
  • #16 - July 2013
    AGM 2013 Notice - Friday 13 September, 2013.
    Scrubby Creek Cave Property news - cattle, cave access
    and fund raising to finance the property purchase.
    June 2013 Working Bee report - new front entry doors, and stained glass panel in the passageway door - details in the newsletter.
  • #15 - May 2013
    Homeleigh Working Bee 8-10 June 2013 details.
    AGM 2013 Notice - Friday 13 September, 2013.
    Homeleigh grounds maintenance update.
    Scrubby Creek Cave Property news.
    Donations sought for Scrubby Creek purchase.
  • #14 - November 2012 
    Scrubby Creek property launch and update including photos;
    Homeleigh Working Bee 24-25 November details.
  • #13 - September 2012 
    2012 AGM details; Homeleigh property update;
    Scrubby Creek property donations and launch function;
    two new members welcomed.
  • #12 - August 2012
    Scrubby Creek property purchase announced and fundraising / donations requested;August Working Bee advertised;three new members welcomed.
  • #11 - March 2012
    Scrubby Creek donation form included; new smoke alarm system at Homeleigh; a few members have outstanding fees;
    is the tool shed door locked? Rimstone Bursary scheme re-introduced; four new members welcomed.
  • #10 - August 2011
    Women on Farms event coming soon; Buchan history and old Homeleigh photo; July working bee report + photos.
  • #9 - May 2011
    New mattresses throughout Homeleigh; Cup weekend Open Day and working bee report.
  • #8 - Spring 2010
    Open Day afternoon Cup weekend promoted.
  • #7 - Winter 2010
    Queen's Birthday weekend Winter Working Bee promoted
  • #6 - Autumn 2010
    Promoting Buchan; Homeleigh fireplaces and chimneys; new external electrical switchboard; new out-back light switch;  bathroom scrubbed; welcoming two new members.
  • #5 - July 2009
    New Member Information sheet is coming;
    announcing 2009 AGM.
  • #4 - February 2009
    Wildlife, snakes and fire hazards; plastering project and refurbished bedrooms; but no heaters please; is the tool shed door locked?
  • #3 - August 2008
    Announcing the 2008 AGM; June Working Bee report.
  • #2 - April 2008
    PO Box changes; Working Bee Queen's Birthday weekend.
  • #1 - January 2008
    Gas leak; East Gippsland fires update; door lock will change.
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